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Routed Delivery Service

If your company uses in-house drivers and company owned vehicles for daily routed delivery, your are aware of the extensive costs involved with purchasing, operating, maintaining, and insuring a fleet of vans or cars; not to mention the soaring costs of labor and the associated benefits and taxes. Today, more and more companies are turning to outsourcing as a cost cutting alternative.

For a flat hourly fee, which is often equal to or less than the hourly labor rate plus benefits, EPS can provide complete routed service including the driver, vehicle, and professional dispatching services. After all, delivery is our business, and through our experience we have developed highly efficient methods of operation. Your company, on the other hand, would probably rather not be in the delivery business and concentrate its efforts in other areas. This is what is making outsourcing attractive to so many companies. They write one check a month and eliminate a great deal of the hassles and aggravation as well as substantial expenses.

Reduce Costs By Outsourcing
Another way outsourcing delivery operations can save your company money is the fact that it replaces fixed expenses with a variable expense. (That employed driver is still costing as much when not really needed). Lets face it; volume of work is usually not the same all the time. If it was, it would be easy...You always have exactly enough work for 3 drivers so you hire 3 drivers, buy 3 vehicles and forget about it. In reality though, sometimes you need 6 drivers and other times only 1 or 2 will do. In this example, you must hire 6 drivers and buy 6 vehicles in order to always give your customers the best possible service. Why not simply pay for the deliveries you need and let someone else worry about this problem? If your volume slows down, your expenses decrease right along with it.

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Courier Service Maryland
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