Same Day Truck Delivery Maryland DC and Virginia

Maryland Truck Delivery Service

Same Day Truck Delivery Maryland

If you need large items or palletized freight moved, EPS can accommodate this with our full dock height, 22 foot cargo truck. Schedule permitting, most deliveries can be made the same day or the next day from when the order is placed. Rates are surprisingly affordable when compared to the ground rates of air-freight or long distance trucking companies.

If you currently own one or more large trucks you are no doubt aware of the high fixed costs of purchasing, insuring, fueling, and maintaining this type of equipment as well as the labor related expenses. Instead of adding another vehicle to handle your overflow needs, just call in your order to EPS and forget about it! We're there when you need us and there is no expense when you don't.

If you occasionally rent trucks for delivery purposes, consider this; EPS can pick/up and deliver for substantially less than the combined costs of daily truck rental (including mileage) and an employee driver. An additional disadvantage of renting is that it usually wastes the time of two employees while you pick up and drop off the truck.

EPS truck service can free you from the hassles and high costs of an in-house trucking operation and allow you and your employees to focus on your business.

Rates for Rush Truck Delivery

Half-Day Service  
Truck Dispatch Charge 60.00
Base Delivery Rate 2.20 per mile
Freight No Charge!
All-Day Service (Prescheduled)  
Truck Dispatch Charge 40.00
Base Delivery Rate 2.00 per mile
Freight No Charge!
* Deliveries are assumed to be dock-to-dock unless otherwise specified. Additional waiting/unloading time over 20 minutes may be charged at 0.45 per minute. Rates subject to change. 12,000 lb limit.


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